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Clicker Ring with 11 Beaded Bezel Set 3 CZ Gem

Titanium Hinged Segment Clicker Ring with 11 Beaded Bezel Set 3 CZ Gem Cluster

tipo de pedra:
Sem Anodização
  • Light Bronze 10V
  • Dark Bronze 13V
  • Eggplant 16V
  • Dark Purple 18V
  • Purple 20v
  • Dark Blue 23v
  • Blue 26v
  • Medium Blue 28v
  • Sky Blue 30v
  • Light Blue 34v
  • Ice Blue 38v
  • Silver Blue 40v
  • Pale Yellow 46v
  • Light Yellow 53v
  • Yellow 58v
  • Gold 63v
  • Rose Gold 66v
  • Light Pink 69v
  • Pink 72v
  • Fuchsia 77v
  • Dark Fuchsia 82v
  • Vibrant Purple 87v
  • Blurple 89v
  • Purple Teal 92v
  • Teal Green 99v
  • Green 101v
  • Sem Anodização
  • 16G 8mm

More Details

Jewellery in ASTM F136 implant grade titanium for faster healing. Hand polished, this ornamental clicker ring features 3 clear CZ (3mm) and 11 beads. Titanium can be anodised using different voltage ranges for different colours, which means that, as no paint is used, anodised titanium piercings are completely safe.

This round piercing can be worn on different parts of the body, such as the septum on the nose, the helix on the ears, the upper lobe, the tragus, the smile on the mounth, and it is also frequently used as a nipple piercing.

Jewel size: 16G (1.2mm) x 8mm 

Gem size: 3mm 

Ref.: TR120
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